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MCKEE FOODS AND THE OUTDOOR HAPPINESS MOVEMENT COMPLETE FOX RIVER STATE TRAIL Green Bay project revitalizes trail use with improved, energy-efficient lighting

Collegedale, TN; Green Bay, WI – Fox River State Trail is a popular spot in Green Bay for walking, jogging, biking, skating and horseback riding. The historic trail – used by Native Americans as a footpath, by early explorers as a trading route and then as a railway corridor – starts downtown along the Fox River and stretches for 25 miles, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor happiness with scenic stops, recreational areas and a fitness challenge course.

To encourage trail use, McKee Foods partnered with the city’s Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department to replace the trail’s damaged and outdated lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Referring to the restoration, Chris McKee, executive vice president of marketing and sales for McKee Foods, stated, “We’ve been working with people in various communities to identify needs and select where we can be of greatest value. The project in Green Bay is an example of that kind of collaboration and our commitment to the Outdoor Happiness cause.”

Brad Drefcinski, senior landscape architect with the city of Green Bay, expressed gratitude for the McKee Foods contribution and reported, “The new lighting has made quite a difference in the way the trail looks at night. Brighter, whiter lighting and better distribution of light provides a more pleasant, safer experience for Fox River Trail users.”

In addition, Drefcinski explained, the decision to install new lighting brought financial benefits. “By upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting, we qualified for an energy rebate, and we are putting that money toward buying additional lights needed to complete the trail lighting project.”

This is just one of the Outdoor Happiness projects going on around the country. To find out about others, check out OutdoorHappinessMovement.com. Visitors to the site can also make a pledge to go outside, have fun and find what makes them happy. For each person who takes the pledge, McKee Foods will donate additional funds above the $1 million state project commitment.*

McKee Foods is committed to helping communities across the country enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle by partnering with organizations that make public greenways, trails and parks available. We believe these green spaces provide opportunities for outdoor activity that ultimately lead to a fun and active lifestyle. McKee Foods, owned and operated by the McKee family, has committed to donate more than $1 million over a five-year period in an initiative called the “Outdoor Happiness (OH!) Movement.” The OH! Movement represents a long-standing tradition in the McKee family in that since 2009, it has given more than $2.8 million to support the creation and preservation of parks, greenways and other outdoor spaces. For more information, or to join McKee Foods in its mission to get the country outside, please visit OutdoorHappinessMovement.com.

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