Annapolis Maryland Bike Trail System

Maryland - Annapolis Maryland Bike Trail System

Groups of citizens, bike clubs and the city government noticed the influx of families and individuals riding their bikes around downtown Annapolis but there weren’t properly labeled bicycle routes. They created an integrated team called The Downtown Annapolis Partnership. Since 2011, this team has had plans to establish an Annapolis Maryland Bike Trail System that would allow the growing number of citizens who either ride bikes for recreational use or for affordable transportation to have clearly marked network of on-street and off-street bike paths. Safety first! However, due to budget issues, this was sidelined. Fast forward to 2018 and the Downtown Annapolis Partnership has jump started these plans by joining with OH! Movement in implementing a Phase One!

The Phase One Plan includes marking lanes on about 1.7 miles of road and installing signage in the downtown Annapolis area. Phase Two will expand on the bicycle network and educate bicyclists about the improved bike paths. For Phase Three, they hope to build new facilities and roadway reconstruction. This multi-project is ambitious but not impossible. OH! Movement is proud to be involved in Phase One of the the Annapolis Maryland Bike Trail System and the opportunity to help the residents in Annapolis to enjoy the outdoors, especially in an urban environment.

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