Elise G. Anderson Walking Park

Mississippi - Elise G. Anderson Walking Park

Flora, Mississippi opened their first public park!

Keep Mississippi Beautiful and Keep Flora Beautiful asked if Outdoor Happiness Movement would be interested in funding this project and how could we refuse? Helping a community provide an outdoor place to run, play, bike, and share is exactly what motivates us to give!

Previously, the Elise G. Anderson Walking Park was a 2.74 acre vacant lot. Today, this newly established recreational space has been transformed into a public park with a 1/4 mile walking trail, children’s playground, newly planted trees and shrubs, one pollinator flower bed, 4 waste receptacles, 6 park benches, and 4 picnic tables! The park is also a stop off on the Wildflower Trails of Mississippi. By planting native wildflowers in the park, local insects and wildlife will have the crucial food and habitat they need and Flora residents will have more flowers to enjoy! Now, this town can say, “Let’s go outside and play at the park!”.

On May 19, 2017, Keep Mississippi Beautiful hosted the Great American Cleanup State Kickoff event centered around completing the park’s construction. Over 100 volunteers, including 3 McKee representatives, rallied together to finish the Elise G. Anderson Walking Park project. Local businesses provided food, drinks, building materials, and their services while volunteers spent the day assembling, building, shoveling, planting, and gathering. Truly, an inspirational day. This park will absolutely become a favorite location to enjoy the great outdoors! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the city of Flora.

Extra thanks to John Anderson for generously gifting the land to Flora, MS and Keep Mississippi Beautiful for fulfilling this community’s first park.


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Elise G. Anderson Walking Park: Flora, Mississippi Press Release

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