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Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation

A playground renovation is underway in Kansas City, Missouri! With the leadership and support of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation (KC Parks) and Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City (Variety KC), Children’s Mercy hospital will be home to a unique playground that focuses on the young patients plus their siblings and families.

Opening in 1999, Children’s Mercy playground, the Sybil Silkwood Nutter Playground, was revolutionary for social inclusion for its wheelchair accessibility. Today, the plans for Nutter Playground will expand this focus. The new playground equipment welcomes children of all abilities by adhering to the seven principles of an inclusive playground: fair, safe, inclusive, independent, smart, active and comfortable. From slip resistant platforms, a large elephant swing for children to plan on together, and a zipline with companion harnesses for a parent or partner to musical instruments, tactical and sensory play stations, and social climbing experiences, Nutter Park will truly become a inclusive playground. For more information, visit KC Parks website.

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