Pulsipher Park

Nevada - Pulsipher Park

A little over an hour east of Las Vegas, the city of Mesquite sits close to the border of Nevada and Arizona. Within the city is a public neighborhood park called Pulsipher Park where residents walk their dogs, host family fun runs, and have picnics. The park is centrally located and has plenty of outdoor public space to develop! That’s why the city of Mesquite has plans to introduce more amenities like outdoor fitness equipment and a playground. Plus, they’ve noticed locals becoming more active riding their bikes so bike stations will be installed providing riders a place to repair their bikes. These plans offers families more outdoor opportunities and Outdoor Happiness Movement is proud to welcome Pulsipher Park as the recipient for our Nevada project.

Once Pulsipher Park’s improvements are complete, the community will have several news way to enjoy time with their friends and family outside!

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