South Dakota - LifeScape

Nestled within South Dakota’s most populated city, Sioux Falls will have a customized playground with a little help from OH! Movement. LifeScape, a non-profit whose mission is to “empower children and adults with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives”, wanted an outside playground but one that would meet specific therapeutic and developmental benefits for their visitors. Plans are to build a play structure with a tire swing, slides and climbing areas on top of wood fiber safety surfacing and surrounded by a fence. Most importantly, this new activities area will be handicap accessible and provide children with disabilities an outdoor space to meet their therapy goals.

This park will be one of many services that LifeScape provides the Sioux Falls community. Along with employment opportunities, rehab facilities, special education, swimming lessons, camps, and social skills training, this park will be just one more way how LifeScape provides to the Sioux Falls community. If you’re in the area and want to assist in the installation of this equipment, visit LifeScape to learn more.

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