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West Virginia - Pumphouse Trail

OH! is proud to announce the newest addition to the Mountwood Park in Waverly, West Virginia. The Pumphouse Trail will feature trails with wide, smooth terrain and broad switchbacks, allowing intermediate riders and beginner hikers a chance to develop their skills while enjoying themselves outside! Currently, the park boasts 34 miles of intermediate to advanced single track trails and three and a half miles of paved double track, beginner- friendly trails.

Located south of Mountwood Lake, the Pumphouse Trail will open up a fresh perspective for visitors. With easy to access parking near the trail head, hikers and bikers can travel along Mountwood Park’s scenic and less frequented areas. The trail will be a flow trail or a trail that helps new riders maintain momentum and user-friendly speeds through soft gradients and spacious turns. The beautiful scenery and fresh air will be perfect for families to explore nature and stay active. With the Pumphouse Trail, we invite kids, teenagers, and adults to grab their bikes and/or shoes because Mountwood Park has a new outdoor space for you!

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